What I write –

My silly pursuits and unlikely follies


Hey! I am Jerry. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Grab Singapore.

Today, I spend most of my time working with Go and Python with some experience in NodeJS.

I crafted Burplist, a free search engine for craft beers in Singapore.

My (weird?) interests

I tend to put free cloud computing to good use. Oftentimes, I find myself building tiny projects and random ideas around PaaS and serverless platforms.

That aside, I really enjoy web scraping and sharing it back with the world in the form of web apps or words.

My writings

My opinions are my own. I feel strongly about writing notes and good docs.

Generally, I talk about software engineering or some random tiny projects that I worked on. Though, you may have read some of my articles about finance.

I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-digest chunks of knowledge. I love explaining stuff in plain language.

Here are my most-read writings in no particular order:

How to get in touch

If you're reading this – I'm happy to receive emails or DMs from you about any topic.

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