Hey there! My name is Jerry and I'm currently working as a software engineer in Singapore.

By day, I use Python and Go to build awesome stuff, with a little bit of NodeJS thrown in for good measure.

By night, I can be found writing here, tinkering with Burplist (a craft beer search engine), and keeping tabs on the latest Esports tournaments with Tournacat.

Building stuff

I love dabbling with random side projects. Like many, I get a thrill from bringing my silly ideas and unlikely follies to life.

Oh, I also get a kick out of web scraping – it's like a puzzle to me, trying to figure out how software is put together and pulling out the data I need.

My writings

My opinions are my own.

Usually, I write about software engineering or some random tiny projects that I worked on.

I love explaining stuff in plain language. Because let's face it, technical jargon can be confusing.

Here are my most-read writings in no particular order:

Get In Touch

If you're reading this, I'm happy to receive emails or DMs from you about any topic.

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