About Me

Hey! My name is Jerry and I'm currently a Software Engineer in Singapore.

By day, I use Go to build awesome stuff at work. By night, I can be found scraping the web or tinkering with random tiny projects with Python or NodeJS.

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Building stuff

I love dabbling with random side projects. Probably like you, I get a thrill from bringing silly ideas and unlikely follies to life.

At the moment, I'm running Tournacat. In the past, I made a craft beer search engine, which failed by my own definition.

Over the years, I've created a bunch of random (yet admittedly useless) things that you can still find online today. These include:

As you might already be able to tell, I'm a huge fan of static sites as they are fast and very easy to host. Hosting and running static sites requires much less effort than a real server.

My writings

My opinions are my own.

I love explaining stuff in plain language. Instead of focusing on the Whats and Hows, I tend to focus more on the Whens and Whys.

Usually, I write about software engineering or some inconsequential tiny projects that I worked on. But really, I haven't settled on any niche.

Here are my most-read writings in no particular order as of 20 August 2023:

Get In Touch

If you're reading this, I'm happy to receive emails or DMs from you about anything!

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