What I Read

A collection of interesting reads and food for thought that I find on sites like Hacker News, Reddit, etc.


"Be curious, work hard, and get lucky" – How To Come Up With Good Ideas
"We tend to grossly overestimate the pleasure brought forth by new experiences and underestimate the power of finding meaning in current ones." – Travel Is No Cure for the Mind
"Minor Barriers Aren’t Minor" – Some Advice Gathered from People Smarter than Me
You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable
"Without power, you can affect nothing" – The Rules for Rulers
"Be kind" – How to Be Correct About Everything All the Time
"The most surprising thing is that you wouldn’t let anyone steal your property, but you consistently let people steal your time, which is infinitely more valuable" – Life Is Not Short


"How cash in the bank affects your lifestyle: It's not linear." – Rich vs. King in the Real World
"... the second price...the effort and initiative required to gain its benefits..." – Everything Must Be Paid for Twice
"You're Not That Smart, So Don't Bet 100% On Yourself" – Risk Management Advice from a Former Professional... Gambler
"Opportunity costs are the driving force behind every decision that we make" – How I Lost $150K in a Day


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